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not dead" is out now and you can see a bonus song at jimmy kimmel i want to thank kelly ripa, elon musk. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. and join us sunday after the oscars for eighth annual "jimmy kimmel live after the oscars special." "nightline" is next. good night! tonight on "nightline." three is company. they're a very modern family. one mother, her two lovers, raising a child together. the growing number of americans who say having just one partner is limiting. i spy from that giant meteor explosion to plane crashes to road rage. the russian dash cam craze capturing bizarre and incredible moments on tape. robin's journey.
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our own robin roberts brings us an inside look at her remarkable and inspiring journey back to the "good morning america" desk. >> keep it
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with a radical version of modern family. it is called pollyannary in which multiple lovers live together openly under one roof. two women and a man, programs, or in the example we're bringing you tonight, one woman and two men. but if that doesn't sound complicated enough, they're also raising a child together. here's abc's report we are an encore modern sex in america. >> this is the story, her lover,
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jon, her son, amon and her other lover ian. amon's dad. they're one big happy poly amorous family. a woman. her two heterosexual boyfriends and a child. living together in a comfortable suburban home just outside los angeles. >> starting to reflect on that building. >> what do you say to people who believe your relationship and the way that you're living your life is wrong? >> thank you for sharing your opinion. i mean, we're not here to convert people and tell people that monogamy is wrong. totally valid choice. >> it is not like we've slept with hundreds of people and it is this crazy sexual thing. i'm looking for what helps me be the best human that i can possibly be. >> here's how it started. she has been in a committed relationship with john for a year. but jiya wanted to have a baby and john didn't. stay with us. so john suggested jiya find
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another lover and she did. enter ian. three years ago, jiya and ian conceived amon. and they're not the only ones doing this. by some estimates, there are more than a half million poly amorous arrangements in the u.s. for jiya, that means limitless love. >> i stopped searching for the one. i can have the one and the one and the one. >> unlike polygamy like in hbo's big love -- >> we think it is time to move. >> you're all ganging up on me. >> where one man marries multiple women -- this means many loves. it is an open arrangement for both the men and the women. >> the house is a little backwards. all the bedrooms are downstairs instead of upstairs. when it comes to intimacy, we schedule it. >> like on a calendar. >> yeah. and sometime we have spontaneous moments but i like scheduling it
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because i can look forward to it. >> i know how you like massage. >> we can do red hot touch massages. >> for years, they were the primary couple. >> is it hard to share someone that you love that much? >> it can be. it can be tough. >> ironically, even though jon did not want a child -- when amon was born, he quit his job to take care of him full time. jiya has her two lovers. how do the men feel about each other? >> would you two be friends if it wasn't for her? >> i don't think we would be hangout buddies. >> really? >> they're very different. >> very different people. >> what do you think, jon? >> way too chatty. >> but in this three headed household, who takes charge? >> do you consider yourself more the alpha dog in this family?
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>> yes. >> jiya is kind of the alpha dog, too. >> yeah. we're both alphas. >> what does that make jon? >> i think self-admittedly would say he is somebody who gets fulfillment out of being in service. doing things for people. >> as we said, this gets complicated. tonight jiya and ian are setting out for their weekly date. >> we're going to go get some food. >> can i come with you? >> you're going to stay here and watch the movie. >> thanks for watching him. >> while jon doesn't seem too happy about it -- >> thank you. >> it allows jimpb iya and ian some time alone. and at the end of the evening, some real intimacy. what are some of the common misconceptions about your relationship? >> this is not a committed relationship. sometimes we're more committed than others. >> when we visited, little amon
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seemed like a happy, well adjusted young boy. what they do wonder how all of this will affect their son. >> unfortunately, sometimes people are cruel and not always loving. >> this is a train. >> what is the modern family today in. >> we've got step moms, step dads, gay parents raising children, we've got the family today is a totally different thing than what it was years and years ago. >> how much do you know about sex and where did you learn about it? >> for jiya, none of this is strange. not so surprisingly she is a professional sexologist. but they all agree on practicing safe sex and steering clear from a monogamous partner. still, having 34u89 mr. lovers can create insecurity. >> do you feel jiya spends more quality time with ian? >> i think so right now especially.
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there is part of me that kind of wants to go back to that, like that was my girlfriend. >> that sounds awfully monogamous. >> i know! >> do you think that your partners are happy? >> i know that ian is very, very happy. jon, i don't know. it is hard to pick his brain. sometimes i wonder. he wants to have another child. that's why i'm questioning. because i know for sure that i don't want to have a child. >> now if she doesn't want to have any more children, where does that leave you? >> i don't know. >> soon this modern family may get even bigger with jon on the lookout for a new partner. ian with a girlfriend on the side. and of course, jiya. always open for more love. like we said, it's complicated. for "nightline," abc news, los angeles. >> okay. just ahead from a meteor
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. videos of the massive meteor that injured nearly 1,000 people in russia last week have exploded online. but it may surprise you to learn that they are not the work of an amateur videographer who
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happened to be in the right place at the right time. they are actually thanks to the russian dash cam phenomenon. now the how, what and why. >> reporter: they're the videos everyone is talking about. rare images of a meteor streaking over russia. after not once, not twice but many times, all on dashboard cameras, then uploaded on youtube. those videos aren't such a surprise here. those cameras are almost everywhere in russia. and the reason behind one of youtube's most viral phenomenons. russia's lawless roads. they're small video cameras mounted inside the windshield. they capture all sorts of madness.
12:50 am
death defying crashes. road rage. the inexplicable. yes, those are cows spilling out of a truck. yes, that's a helicopter. that's a tank. that's a fighter jet. this camera caught a plane crash slamming into the side of the highway. but they're not just youtube gold. these cameras serve an important purpose. they catch corrupt and violent cops. >> and bust insurance scam like this woman who seems to be backing up. then blaming the other driver. or this guy who may be pretending he was hit by a car.
12:51 am
that man was the victim of a hit and run by that white car on the left. nothing dramatic but police were able to use this video to look for the culprit. >> this witness doesn't quite. >> once in a while the cameras capture something unbelievable. >> that may be the luckiest man in russia. or maybe this guy. what they're really showing is russia's eastern aggressive driving culture. >> seatbelts first. >> to understand it we went for a spin with the editor-in-chief of the auto review magazine. and of course, he took dash cam with him. >> how do you possibly explain these videos to americans?
12:52 am
>> also the reason why you see those, because devices like this become more and more popular. >> despite what you see online -- he says russia's roads have actually improved thanks in part to the cameras shaming drivers. >> if you can compare to five or ten years ago, now you say oh, they really behave. >> judging by what's on youtube today -- that's a scary thought. for "nightline," abc news, moscow. >> yikes! next up, robin roberts returns to "good morning america," she shares the challenging and inspiring journey that led her back to the anchor desk. ♪
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this was a very special week for our abc news family as we watched robin roberts say "good morning america" from the anchor desk for the first time in 174 days. it was a triumphant return from
12:59 am
a difficult journey which began when she announced she was leaving to receive a bone marrow transplant to fight a rare blood disease. the procedure laid waste to her immune system and she spent a month in the hospital. much of that in isolation. her remarkable journey is captured on a full hour of 20/20 tomorrow. tonight, a preview. >> the day has come. i can finally leave the hospital. ♪ >> going home now! >> saying goodbye to my fabulous medical team at sloan kettering is bitter sweet. >> the first thing want to put up when i get home. don't take it the wrong way. i hope i never see you again. except at the party.
1:00 am
after 30 days of isolation, i take my first breath of fresh air. the wind was blowing and feeling the wind and just feeling the air. it just washed over me. it is overwhelming to see the sky. i'm like how you all when you come to me. golly! that's a building! there is no place like home! >> for the next few months, day in and day out, i would remain here in my apartment. retreating from the outside world and from the cameras, too.
1:01 am
little by little i began to add to my life, building up my system and getting strong. after five long months, i was now ready to venture out and start giving back. >> thank you. >> i could be the one to offer encouragement. this morning to someone early in recovery from the very same transplant i had. >> how are you? >> another reminder of how close this strikes, david is a colleague of mine. a sound man at abc news. >> look who is here. >> i should be doing exactly what you're doing. >> don't ever give up. that's what we're doing. >> it's nice to talk to somebody who is in the same business. and got through it. start kissing you.
1:02 am
they'll yell at us. >> it's worth it. i'll roll the dice. you're family. you are forever family. >> to offer someone hope. to be in a position to give back. even something as simple as being able to sit down with my gma co-anchors at a restaurant where we had eaten together so many time before. sitting on the couch the day of the diagnosis and something that you said, josh, when inabout fight. focus on the fight, not the fright. and you said it is our fight. >> what i was going through, we were going through together. >> good morning, everyone. >> i love it every morning when you say robin at home. >> i learned a lot about how you shared the fight. by sharing it, you know, you've helped countless people. that is a huge, huge lesson. >> welcome home.
1:03 am
>> thank you. >> onward. onward and upward. >> but i knew that before i would be able to return to the set and to my gma family, my heart was calling me to the place where this journey began. >> it was time to go home. and i needed to do that before i could come home to gma. i needed to be on my family's home turf. to see some of the oldest friends i've ever had. >> as she went south, you can see all of her triumphant journey from home back to the "good morning america" set on a very special edition of 20/20 right here on abc tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it is now time for our closing arguments. today, a shocking tragedy in syria as massive explosion ripped through the capital city of damascus early this morning. it is believed to have been ignited by a powerful car bomb. officials say at least 53 people
1:04 am
were killed in the blast. hundreds more injured, adding to the staggering death toll of a brutal civil war that has raged on for two years. so we ask, what do you think? is it time for the united states to intervene as this increasingly violent conflict threatens to reignite a region already destabilized in the wake of the arab spring. you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us or at cynthia mcfadden. "good morning america" will be right here in the morning. we're always online at abc good night, america. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal --

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